Sinclair and Moore Floral Workshop | Seattle, Washington

One of the greatest joys on this little flower journey of mine was receiving the opportunity to meet and learn from Steve of Sinclair & Moore. Last year I had shared a little bit of my heart and how I wanted to work a little differently as I created something that was uniquely my own. To create organically yet with intention. To redefine what I bring to my clients as I find the confidence to pursue floral design.

I have been following Steve and Jamie for quite some time and while it wasn’t until recently that I received the opportunity to meet them, I’ve watched them pour so much of their hearts into their workshop attendees over the years. Treating others with grace, love, and compassion matters. It always matters. What I didn’t realize is that receiving this opportunity would hold more space in my heart than I ever imagined. 

Over three days Steve shared his understanding of space and composition. He offered us the invaluable resources of pricing and the logistics of ordering and shipping. He inspired us with his design techniques and encouraged us to build intentional relationships within the community. My time in Seattle was truly a gift and I would absolutely encourage anyone to attend who is looking to create in a way that feels fulfilling both personally and professionally.

Workshop: Sinclair and Moore   |   Photography: Kristen Honeycutt

Sinclair and Moore Floral Design Workshop


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