Four Months

Penelope is quickly approaching four months and we can’t believe how quickly time is passing! Home-life is certainly an adventure with this wild little thing in our lives! She has become Carter’s bestest little friend and he couldn’t be happier!

July Blooms

Today, while I was out for lunch, a beautiful bouquet of white hydrangeas were delivered to the office. Within the next thirty minutes, a second bouquet of hydrangeas were delivered. And, shortly after that, a third bouquet arrived. Three bouquets of my favorite blooms! Feeling so incredibly blessed to have such sweet people in my life.20140708-225000-82200425.jpg

Seattle Adventures

Last week Josh and I packed up and headed to Seattle for the 4th of July holidays. And, we couldn’t have asked for better weather while exploring Seattle! Thankful for a lovely little summer vacation!

Seattle Bound

In a few hours I’ll be flying out to Seattle for the 4th of July holiday! Although I’m excited for a little vacation in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I’m already wishing I could take this little cutie with me! ;]20140708-232056-84056278.jpg

Sweet Penelope


Oh, Hello

Snail Mail

Summer Blooms


Say “hello” to this little sweetie, Penelope – She’s a Seal Tortie Ragdoll and is already melting our hearts!

May Adventures