Labor Day

My, goodness! What a wonderful yet unexpected Labor Day I had with this little girl! Since moving to the area, I’ve been wanting to check a river that is just around the corner from our house. With the beautiful weather and no immediate plans, we decided today would be the perfect day for a bit of exploring! Madeline enjoyed putting her toes into the cold water and looking for little fish – It was the perfect ending to a simple Labor Day!

However, things quickly changed when Madeline stepped upon a piece of clear glass which inevitably led to slicing her foot open.¬†We were so incredibly lucky as a few moments earlier a group of kayakers had just come on shore. What’s truly a blessing is that these guys are Service Members here at Fort Campbell and of the group, one just happened to be a Physician’s Assistant at Blanchfield. He quickly grabbed his first aid bag and cleaned Madeline up so we could make our way into the Emergency Room. Thankful for such kind people and a sweet little girl who handled the situation like a champ! It wouldn’t be a true holiday without a little scare, right? ;]

Autumn Festivities

This morning was spent updating this pretty new agenda I recently ordered from Kate Spade. It’s simple, pretty and gives me a place to start fresh every day. Although summer passed just as quickly as it arrived, I’m so excited for all of our upcoming autumn festivities – September, October and November are already filled with Madeline’s school activities, cheer practices and football games!

Five Months

Penelope is five months and my goodness she is growing quickly! She loves morning cuddles and to sit on the vanity as I’m getting ready for work. She enjoys lounging in my arms and sneaking up on Carter whenever there is an opportunity. It won’t be much longer until she has outgrown him!

June, July and August Adventures

Cat and Dog

Oh, the joys of adding a new kitten to the house! Although Carter and Penelope have become the best of friends, there seems to always be some type of unspoken competition happening at any given time. Whether they are wrestling each other to the ground or playing an intense game of hide-and-seek, there is never a dull moment in this house. Yesterday, I found Carter napping on my blanket and as soon and he left, Penelope quickly jumped up and made herself comfortable. Although it has only been a few weeks, it’s hard to imagine what things were like before Penelope arrived!