Twenty Nine

My, goodness – Twenty-nine years! My birthday is just around the corner and I’m truly amazed as each year somehow manages to pass by faster than the year before. I’m so incredibly thankful for a wonderful 2014 and for all the little moments to come! :]

January and February Adventures

December Adventures

2013 ¬†was a beautiful, crazy, fulfilling whirlwind of a year. And, now that 2014 has arrived, I couldn’t be more excited for the adventures and blessings ahead. Hope everyone had a lovely New Years!

November Adventures

Hello, November

August and September Adventures

Both August and September were filled with wonderful adventures and lots of changes! Autumn has officially arrived and I’m looking forward to everything this beautiful state of Kentucky has to offer!



It’s hard to believe Kindergarten has finally arrived! All summer Madeline was counting down the days until the new school year began – And, her first day back couldn’t have been better! Last year when we asked Madeline what she wanted to be when she grew up, she responded with “A Fairy Godmother”. This year, she simply responded with “A Pediatrician” and walked out of the room to take care of those more important five-year old things! ;]

And, just to compare, here is a picture from Madeline’s first day of Pre-Kindergarten. We certainly have a silly little girl on our hands! ;]


June and July Adventures

With the new school year upon us, it’s hard to believe summer is nearly over! Madeline and I spent three weeks enjoying the Kentucky sunshine – We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation! Hope everyone had a lovely summer!

March, April and May

We’re already a good week into the month of June and I’m still wondering where March, April and May slipped away to. The summer is already upon us and we’ve been making the most of our time with lots of day trips to the pool and the Florida Beaches. We’re thankful and excited for the warm weather and sweet friends we’ll be spending our time with!

Almost Five

“Mommy, today I’m four! Next month, I’ll be FIVE! I can’t wait for my birthday!”

Over the last few months, I’ve been making an extra effort to record all of the little “Madeline-isms” we hear throughout the day! Her most recent one absolutely melts my heart – It’s so hard to believe this little girl has a birthday just around the corner!