Summer Treats

February and March Adventures

It’s hard to believe how quickly the last two months have passed! February was filled with lots of snowy weather and also a surprise Valentine’s weekend get-away to New York City! My, goodness. Joshua truly surprised me this time around! It was my first time visiting New York and after four-days of exploring, there was still so much more to see! We’ll be heading back again in late summer – I can’t wait to walk Central Park when the temperatures aren’t quite so cold. March was filled with lots of “goodbye’s” as we packed up and made our way to Colorado Springs! Now, it’s time to start unpacking and explore our new hometown!

Yay, Penelope!

December and January Adventures

Four Eyes

Joshua and Madeline are out Bark Parking with Kap. When they left, I was told to relax and have a bit of quiet time. Although, this is what ended up happening. I went to read. Then, realized I left my glasses in the dining room. Came back, decided Carter would look cute in glasses and then spent ten minutes laughing at how silly this picture is. ;]