Oooh, Target

Let’s talk about the happy dance I did when I stumbled upon this pretty little necklace in Target! Loveeeee!

Welcome, Kap

Say “hello” to this little fluff ball! His name is Kap and he’s a Blue Merle Mini Australian Shephard. Joshua is absolutely over-the-moon for his new puppy and I’m soaking up all of those sweet cuddles and sloppy puppy kisses! Kap was born on September 11th and will be turning eight weeks old very soon! So excited to have this little cutie join the family!

Tooth Fairy

Today Madeline lost her second tooth! Two teeth within one week of each other! It’s hard to believe how quickly this little one is growing up. It’s also hard to believe her mother works in a dental office and wasn’t quite prepared for the Tooth Fairy to make a second visit so quickly! ;]

Nature Walk

Autumn Highlights